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*sigh* okay the power steering problem agian.. this sucks,.. like every1 owning sc400's power steering seem to be a huge problem.. and this site had helped me fix it up... from changing tubes holes, to clambs and the lastest thing i did when the problem of leakage still exist was REBUILD the power steering pump..... after days of waiting for lexus rebuild kit to arrive, rebuilding that pump was a hassle since it hasnt been touch for a long time it is difficult to take out the parts, but i manage to get by... when all the parts was assembled and replaced... i thot that my misery was over, and that my car was ready for me to take it to school jan. 10th 2005.. BBBUUUUUUTTTTTTT FOR SOME FRIGGIN REASON. THE FUILD KEPT RUNIING OUT!!!!.... okay maybe its just the pump tryin to tkae in more fuild after i dran the system .. but i poured almost a bottle full ( 2 x refilling the resouvouir to the tip) .. AFTER rebuilding the ps... drove it .. refill ps.. then drove it agian.,.then refill agian.... 2 x!.... maybe i should keep pouring... but before that i need some advice becuase im afraid the fuild might go into engine components or the alternator so i want to hear from some1... the pump is rebuild, all the holes are checked, no leakage founded anywhere, looked in the engine,,, layed down and staired at the bottoom of the car for 5 mins,,, no leakage or any sign of driping. MY first question is... HOW MUCH POWER STEERING SHOULD I BE POURING IN AFTER THE SYSTEM HAD BEEN REBUILD????? if this is some other problem other than over 1 quart dextronIII fuild, then wat the heck is goin on NOw!!!?????

Second question.... my system and head unit works fine, when the ps was leaking...tape, cd, am/fm amp sub all worked fine during the ps leakage but the heat doent work.. it just throw out cold air. after refilling the pump.. the heat works... so im guesing that power steering fuild needs to be full for heat to work...but still the entertainment system was fine... UNTIL AFTER i rebuild the pump... HEAT Works... SYSTem works... cd plays.. fm plays tape plays.... but VERY LOW SOUND..... i max out the volume, and the sound was very basicly there are no sound at all when i rotate the volume buttom to middle and low.. and very low sound when the volume buttom is at max... WAT IS THE PROBLEM??????.

PLEASE HELP ME OUT>>>> I THOT MY MISERY WAS OVER!!!!.... i need my car for school before jan 10th =T

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