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Cigarette Lighter Short


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Hello All, a dime slipped into my cigarette lighter jack on the dash of my 97 LS400. Shortly after removing it with a leatherman tool, I noticed that my climate controls were not working. The lighter is not working, the climate controls background is illuminated but there is no writing and no buttons work, in addition, the outside temperature light is on but the system is not recording the temp at all. Can anyone send me in the right direction. I checked the fuses, but I could not be sure which one controlled these systems and didn't see any that looked burnt out. I can't afford an expensive fix right now, but I need my defroster/heat to get to work. Thanks for your help if you have a suggestion. :cries:

Brian Davidson

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Greetings! The very same thing happen to me just a month ago and I had all the same symptoms. The problem & solution is a fuse. Except this set of fuses are under the dashboard behind the hood release handle.

I know there's fuses & relay switches under the hood next to the battery, but it's the set under the dash that you'll have to open up, identify the fuse & replace.

Good luck!

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