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01 Rx300 Engine Light On


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I have the 01 RX300. The engin light turns on, but I have no idea what is wrong with it. I have researched about this problem on this model and some people said because of the "Air Filter". Is this true? Anyone know how to fix this problem?

Thank you!

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Thanks for the advice!

Before getting the code read, check the obvious. Sometimes the code can lead you astray by pointing to one of the sensors when it's really just a vacuum hose. First check your gas cap. Is it on tight and does the seal look ok. Next check the black hose behind the air filter box. This is a common cause. Usually after a quick lube checks your air filter during an oil change. The black hose connects to a metal tube down behind the box and is often separated when the top of the air filter box is opened to check the filter. If these things all look good, I would then reset the light by disconnecting the battery or by pulling the efi fuse. Then drive the car. If the light stays out, you’re good. If it comes back on, get the code read.


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