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First Post! Need Help With Body Kit And Rims!


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:D This past sunday i took home a car that i have been wanting since i got my GS300 in 2001, but didnt have the financial backup. This is now my 5th lexus, ive owned 3GS's an LX and am now the proud owner of a 2004 LEXUS LS430 with the Ultra Luxury package, currently the 3rd lexus i still have (one gs and one LX being the other two). i also hope to trade the GS300 next year for a preowned SC430 (probably a 2004 or 2005 model) so i can have a good looking weekend car(SC), a car for the family(LX), and my commuter car (LS).

well what i really needed help with was finding a good bodykit for the 2004 LS with UL package, ive checked the pinned topics and could not tell which ones would fit on my car, ive noticed that some 2k3 kits will not be applicable to 2k4 models. please help me with a list and possibly pricing on body kits for my car. i also want rims, i would like to know what is the best size to go with, without forfeiting the comfort and stock setup of the vehicle, right now im looking at TIS 01 20". please tell me if this is a good choice. also, will this is any way affect the air electric suspension that is on the UL ls430's? please help me as soon as car is black on black, so preferably black rims or ones that can be painted. Thanks in advance for all the help,

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here is a sight you can check out

click on the WALD wheels, and WALD bodykits

if you are going for aftermarket wheels, WALD has some really gone looking ones

have you seen the 5 spoke OE Chrome 430 18's? those are better looking than any aftermarket wheel IMO.

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