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Rx400h At San Diego Auto Show


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I attended the show this past Saturday and was hoping to be able to sit in the 400h. Unfortunately, it was up on a platform and so the best I could do was get as close as possible. There was a crowd of mostly 40-60 year-old people gathering around and once they sensed that I knew a bit about the vehicle, listened intently as I told them of some of the features and astounding gas milage the 400 will be producing. It looks as if there is plenty of interest, based upon the number of people staring and pointing. The Lexus salesman from the dealership I have dealt with told me that they stopped collecting deposits at 79 people. He also estimated that we should have our 400 by the end of May, given our 15th place on the list.

Check out my website for plenty of car show pics:


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I went to our car show and the Hybrids were DEFINATELY getting a lot of attention...

I personally noticed MANY folks discussing and comparing fuel milage figures. Many laughed at super-low numbers such as those listed on the Mercedes SUV stickers. I used to see many new Suburbans and Excursions here in San Diego - no more. I'm still seeing many Explorers, but the big behemoth vehicles are becoming more and more scarce. Sales of smaller vehicles are booming; in fact, during a recent visit to a Mazda dealership, I was told that the Mazda 3s are sold faster than any other vehicle. What's nice about these cars is:

a) Their auto tranny versions have the highest average gas milage of any non-CVT vehicle Consumer Reports has ever tested.

B) You can order them with a surprising number of high-tech options, like a GPS map system.

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