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Looking To Buy A Gs300

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hi guys, this is the first time I've post on LOC, I've never own any Lexus before but my mother owns a 04 Camry, and my uncle works for Lexus in Asia, so I have good impression with Lexus.

anyways, I'm looking to get rid of my GTI and buy something more upscale for daily driving with the money I would spend on a new fully loaded Corrola or something alike, because I also own a Volvo 740, which is my constant project for going fast, I've always liked European cars, so now I've narrowed my choices between a E39 528 and GS300s.

I've personally never driven a GS300 before, but since its a 2JZ-GE I can only expect the best out of that engine, but what should I look out for on those used cars? is there any specific problems that may be costly to fix in the near future? most cars I can find on local auto trader is between 70k KM- 130k km and around $20k Cdn.

also if there are any owners who have driven/own a E39 5 series & a GS300, which one do you think is a wiser choice? I drive a lot, and I would like to spend some money on suspension aspect after initial purchase, what suspension choices I have on the GS?

thanks a lot guys.

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