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Quick Question Regarding E-shift

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Kind of a newbie question, but couldnt find the answer anywhere else so here we go.

I was just curious as to why the the e-shift only goes down to 2. Is it really in 2nd or does it do it first automatically, if so then why? Doesn't borther me, just curious :geek:


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The gear that e-shift shows is the highest gear it will go into. Therefore if you are in 4th the gearbox will use 1,2,3 and 4th gears but won't shift into 5th.

Not sure why but e-shift will only let you select 2nd as the lowest gear, it will still pull away in 1st just won't let you hold it in 1st. Probably to reduce strain on the gearbox although you can still gate shift it into L.

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Thanks for the answer. I was also wondering which would result in a quicker 0-60 time, using automatic, the e-shift, or manually putting it through the gears. My original belief was e-shift, but I'm not 100% sure :wacko:

I was also wondering if you had any idea how much of a boost the power button gives you when it is pressed. Thanks B)

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There is probably no difference between the methods except the fully automatic method will be consistent.

The power button moves the shift points higher up the rev range and the box will also downshift sooner, doesn't really make any difference at full throttle as the box will shift near the redline anyway. Power mode may also reduce the sensitivity of the traction control so you may get a better 0-60 in power mode. You could also try turning off VSC and feed in the throttle so you don't get too much wheel spin at the start.

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