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Replacing Rx330 Master Key


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I've seen several postings about what it takes to replace the master key. I actually had to do it , so heres a word of education. many sites will sell a blank key or a key already cut. but the real issue is getting programmed. there are actuallly 2 programming issues. One is to program so the fob buttons work and sites will give you a long list of procedures to follow to do this. The more important item is getting it programed to actually start the vehicle; a seperate step. This must be done with a special unit that only certified locksmiths and dealers have. You can NOT do it yourself. Repeat, you can NOT program a master key for a lexus rx330 to start the inginition yourself; so pls beware and understand what part you can do and the step you cannot do before proceeding

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As a follow-up, I should point out that the RX330 appears to be different than the '99 RX300 I have. With the '99, you actually can program a key to work with the car as long as you already have a master to work from. I went through the procedure about a year ago. As best as I can recall, the process essentially copies the "smarts" of the old key into the new one.

It's a shame they apparently blocked the newer cars from having the same option.

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Thanks for the info on the 04 RX330. Something has obviously changed as I was able to purchase black master key from Ebay, have it cut by a locksmith, and do all the programming myself for entry and starting from information previously posted on this site. So I guess for new car owners it's a trip to the dealer - is that correct?


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