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Gx470 Bluetooth Phones


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I just purchased the wife a 2005 GX470 with Nav./Bluetooth. She now wants a new cell phone to take advantage of the Bluetooth feature; our current cellular provider is Cingular. The Lexusletstalk website only recommends the Sony Ericsson T637 phone. What phones work with Lexus Bluetooth other than the Sony?

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I am in the Cell phone industry, and I know that GSM bluetooth handsets by Motorola are all compatible. But, your Motorola handset must be capable of bluetooth. Not all are. The v551 and v600 are. Also, the new Motorola Razr is---this is the one I am using, and it works great.

Once I configured the GX and my handset (took about a minute), all I have to do is get in, turn on the ignition, and wait about 10 seconds for the nav screen to show "bluetooth connection successful". Then, all incoming calls occur via the Nav system. Nav screen usage or the buttons on the steering wheel work great.

I transferred all of my cell phonebook entries to the Lexus. It works great. Note, this was a pain since Motorola only allows you to transfer phone book entries via Bluetooth one at a time.

Note, once you are in 'motion' driving, you can only place '1-touch' calls via the Lexus. Manually entering a number and using the phonebook on the Lexus nav screen are disabled. Thus, I have to use the handset to start a manually entered number or use the phonebook---or wait till I get to a stop light. You don't have to be in park....just not in motion. I am assuming there is a hack someplace to solve this---similar to the one to enable DVD viewing on the front nav screen while in motion.

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