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Car History Question


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I just looked at a carfax for a 2000 ES300. It was completely clean with a buy back guarantee. The only thing I thought was strange is the only mileage reports on the car were in 2002 (30,158) and 2004 (62,476). Is that strange for a carfax? Most I have seen have more mileage reported than that. It also had two onwers, the original in 2000 and one other owner reported 12/3 of this year. Anyone know why that would be? The first owner was in Arizona and second in Colorado and now the car is for sale in Idaho. The place where it is for sale has many cars from Arizona and Colorado, just seems strange that there was a second owner for less than a month?

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Just a guess so and I may be way off so take it for what it's worth. It's possible that the car came off a lease and was purchased by a "reseller". If that is the case, I would have to wonder why a "real" dealer isn't selling the car but is letting someone else sell it. I ran into this a few years ago while looking for a slightly used Camry. In my mind if a car is in top shape the owner will sell it directly or the dealer who takes it in trade will sell it.

Again, I'm just guessing here. Good luck.


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