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Emergency Question, Help!


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Help, before I give myself a hernia.

Is the crankshaft pulley bolt standard (ccw to loosen) or left hand threads (cw to loosen).

Have the flywheel "locked" and about 3 feet of leverage but bolt isn't moving.

Any help willl be greatly appreciated.


Jeff Hauck

Gresham, OR.,

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Thank you VGR.

I was a little leery, but tried the "starter trick" and worked incredibly well.

One click of the starter with the breaker bar against the ground, and I heard the breaker bar fall on the concrete. I was sure it just fell off, but I about fell over when I found the pulley bolt hand tight.

Thanks very much.

Jeff Hauck

Gresham, OR

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I did not try an impact wrench as I don't own one.

But, see the link below.

I was sent to this link in regards to the bolt being next to impossible to loosen, and read of many who had used impact wrenches rated at 1000 lbs without luck.

I was a little unsure of using my starter, but it worked great.

One word of caution if you try this: You might want to ensure your ignition system is disabled as you don't want the engine to actually start. I didn't do this, but it wasn't a problem as it only took one very quick click of the starter to loosen the bolt.

Good luck.

Jeff Hauck

Gresham, OR.

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