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Problems During Start Up.


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hi guys, i'm new to this forum, just found out about it recently. HELLO ALL!!!

Well, the problem is, everytime i start up my car, it is hesitant to start up, sometimes i would have to crank it up twice it get it started, and when it starts, its not smooth, the car would vibrate til i give it a little gas then it would be fine. Would any of you know what the problem is? Sorry if my explanation is a bit confusing, and btw, I have a 1996 es300. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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welcome to the club.

please take a moment and read the pinned thread call FAQ (frequently asked questions) as yours is one.

Also make use of the Search function/button as your problem is one quite frequently encountered, especially recently.

Suspect areas for you problem:

Dirty or Sluggish Idle Air Control Valve

Dirty Throttle Body

Failing or weak fuel pump

Dirty Fuel Injectors

Air Intake hose has holes or cracks in it.

These are just a few.


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