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98 Gs300 Factory Alarm/door Locks

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Before I took my car to the dealer, I use push one button to unlock my driver side door and hit it twice to open all doors. Also, all i had to do was hit the lock button once and all doors locked. well, since disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it, my door locking/unlocking routine is not the same...

The doors unlock fine, but when i try to lock them, i hit the lock button once, hear the beep, then 3 seconds later the doors lock and the dome light goes out. Wasnt like this before....

Kinda irritating because sometimes all the doors lock and sometimes they dont. Do I have to reprogram anything?

With my old viper alarm system, if i left one door open while hitting the alarm, the alarm would disable itself...thats for when my car was going througha car wash or something or i had to disable it while it was being worked on so car wouldnt arm itself after 30 seconds..this was with the honda i had...

should i try to do same thing with gs? Help? Im confused....

can anyone tell me more about the factory alarm?

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Well, never heard of anything like this on a Lexus factory system. The only beep sound the locking mechanism is supposed to make is the long Beeeeeeep when you attempt to lock the car with the remote and you left a door open. The doors won't lock in this case and the dome will not go out until you close the door.

You definately need to call the dealer and tell them they f'ed your car up and you want it fixed. No charge.

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Ok, made a discovery today...its the passenger side door thats giving me the problem. I hit the lock button on the remote, hear a beep, the hinge closes half way, then 3 seconds later another beep and hinge locks and dome light goes out.

Im gonna have to look at the back doors to see if hitting the lock button locks all the doors or does the hinge also lock halfway on those also...... then look at passenger side door to see if its JUST that door thats giving me problems.

when i sat in the car and unlocked the doors from the panel, i had to hit the unlock button twice in order for the passenger side door to fully unlock. Turbogs300 said it might be actuator. Next time i use the panel, i will check to see if back doors are unlocking or do they also open only after i hit the unlock button twice.

then i will know its not alarm and maybe just that passenger side door...gotta do a little bit more experimenting but will keep you guys updated...

Cold as hell here in DC to be standing outside playing with this damn thing <_<

sorry im confusing everybody. easier to show you than explain.....

oh yea RIP Reggie white

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