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'04 Lx470 Mark Levinson Wiring Diagram?

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Anyone know where I can find a wiring diagram for the Mark Levinson system in my 2004 LX470?

I am trying to split out the video signal from the harness connecting the factory DVD changer to the Head unit. The intent is to feed that signal to a couple Vizualogic headrests in the back.

I have found the harness/connector under the console, but need a diagram (or some other method) to find the proper video cables.

Another couple questions if anyone has the answers...

1) is there a definitive answer on whether the DVD overide modification works on the 2004 models? (whether through wiring or throught the Dr. Bypass rig...I emailed with him and he sais that it would I guess I just have to to with that...The GPS/VSS thing worries me a little though. Somebody HAS to have tried this by now.)

I need to do this because: The factory DVD has no remote control (other than the steering wheel buttons and buttons in the back, but neither of these lets you start a DVD (ie slect "PLAY" from the DVD menu.) So you can only do this from the touchscreen on the head unit....and to do that while driving (or have the front passenger do it) you have to have the DVD video show. Hence the bypass. (I'm a pilot and a focused driver and have no intention of watching video driving down the road. I just want to be able to select 'play' so the kids can watch on the two monitors in the back. From there they can contol the chapters and volume using the factory rear-audio panel in the back.)

2) Anyone know what kind of video signal the DVD changer sends to the head unit? Composite? S-Video? RGB? (I hope not)

Thanks guys! I'll let everyone know what I find and if it all works out will post a schematic. I think this would be a really nice config and (in my opinion) would be much better than running a separete DVD into RF to get into the head unit. (why waste that great direct Dolby Digital feed?)


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