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knock sensor code


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just replaced both exhaust manifolds on my 09 GX470.  a couple of days later it threw me a PO333 code with a C1201 code.  these sensors are wearing me out.  as long as it stays out of creepy crawler mode, it runs fine.  but these blasted sensors are driving me crazy.  i don't see much info on anyone else having sensor issues.  

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Let’s break down the codes you’re encountering:

  1. P0333 Code (Knock Sensor 2 Circuit High Input, Bank 2):

    • This code indicates that the input voltage from a knock sensor circuit in one of the cylinders on bank 2 is higher than the manufacturer’s limit.
    • Knock sensors detect unusual engine noise caused by incorrect air-to-fuel ratios, which can lead to detonation and cylinder damage.
    • Possible causes:
    • Replacing the knock sensor usually resolves this issue.
  2. C1201 Code (Toyota Engine Control System Malfunction):

Remember to check the knock sensor wiring and connectors first, as other engine codes might be contributing to the issue. If you need further assistance, consider consulting a mechanic to diagnose and address the problem effectively.


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