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Streaming music from Spotify via iPhone 12 on a 2007 LS460

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Hello Members,

Might anyone know a solution to stream music services (spotify/pandora) over the 2007 LS460 system? I just took possession of this car, and from I can see bluetooth just works for iPhone audio only. Is there a bluetooth adapter I can plug into the AUX port to solve my issue?

Much thanks in advance,


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I use:

Cassette Adapter with AUX connector. And then I purchased a TUNAI Firefly Bluetooth adapter. It plugs into 12VDC and has a female AUX plug for the cassette Adapter.


I have seen other take apart the dash and use the CD audio out cables with a bluetooth adapter for allegedly better sound quality.


MY 2006 speakers are not in great shape so high fidelity is not something I need until I fix my speakers.

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