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I have a 2008 Lexus RX400h which I bought in November 2023 to replace my 2003 Toyota Tacoma 4x4.  It's been an adjustment, but I am loving it.

When I first got the car, it would beep and alert me as I drifted close to the lane marker, or side of the lane I was in, to let me know I had gotten too close.  I found it irritating at the time, and I was able to disable it without any trouble at all.  


Now, seven months later, I'd like to turn it back on.  But I can't find anything about it in the book, or online, or anywhere.  The dealer can't even seem to help me.  Does anyone here know how to turn the lane assist back on?  Or was it all a figment of my imagination?

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This is so strange.  Can anyone else with a 2008 year model confirm or deny that this feature is actual a real thing?

Maybe I really AM making it all up in my head!  O_0

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