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How Do I File A Complaint?

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So I was cruising along in my pristine 2011 LX 570 STOCK(as the should be). Do not even get me started on the idiots who ruin the reputation of the brand by "modding" or "tricking out" there vehicles. Anyways. There I was jamming out to my favorite classic rock station, when I pull into the gas station,  when I see the most sensational women I have ever seen filling up her '97 chevy. She comes over my beautiful car( as it does attract quite a bit of female attention), and leans into my window. She proceeds to tell me how much she fancies the 5.7 Liter V8 in my absolute horse of a vehicles. After inviting her into my car, she tells me there is something wrong with my car. Excuse me. Not my 2011 Lexus Lx 570. After reaching around I realize that my vehicle is upequipped to handle the sheer power of a bigger women. Let me tell you know if she aint over 280 she aint a lady. Live by that die by that. Anyways. I would like to file a complaint to Lexus about the structural integrity of their passsenger seats in the first gen Lx 570s. If anyone could help me resolve this tragedy, that would be greatly appreciated. 

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