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Wheels and tires GX460 question

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Hello All. I just bought a 2023 GX460 lux.

I like the truck but I’m not impressed by the driving feel when it rains hard, in fact it scares me because I loose grip quickly when it’s raining hard. The same tires size on my Range Rover sport and the latter keeps grip and feels solid and secure compared to the slippery Lexus. I know the GX rides on a dated truck platform versus the very well sorted RRS. Would it make sense to get wider tires remedy the issue? If so what size fits on the standard 19 inch with 265 width. The looks would definitely benefit from wider tires, the stock 265’s are skinny looking on this big truck.

any suggestions?

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Wider tires will not help on wet roads. The grip you get is related to the tire design.  For example, look at this rating sheet and specifically, the category labeled "Hydroplaning resistance" A couple of tires are rated higher than all the others.


All season tires 2023.jpg

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