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Clockspring replacement on 2004 LS430 question

Mike in ATL

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My horn stopped working recently and after checking the fuses and relays, I concluded the clockspring had gone bad.  Symptoms also included features not working on the steering column like radio volume control, etc

I went through the correct steps to remove the airbag, steering wheel and finally the clockspring.

My old clockspring had two small springs, roughly .1mm x .05mm that rested on top of two pegs that sit on the backside of the clockspring and border the angle sensor.

As I prepared to replace the unit in the car, one of those springs fell of and I looked on hand and knee for two days and could not find it.

I went to the dealer to see if I could order the part, but they didn't have a part number for it, in fact, they didn't even see it on their diagrams!

The parts guy said a technician said don't install the clockspring without the part, which has no name or number.

Does anyone have any experience with this part, know where I can get another one, know the part number, or know if its a part that is a must have to replace the new partspring?

Thanks, Mike

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