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Funny you asked. Just five days ago my friend was laghing at my dinosaur of a car phone and jokingly picked it up and attempted a call. I didnt even think there would be a dial tone but there was. When I dialed my home phone number it rang twice and then a Verizon recording started playing, stating that, "your mobile account could not be verified". An operator then came on and asked if I would like to activate the phone. I said, "I didnt even think you all still had service for these phones". Well, they still do. The sound quality was surprisingly good. The cheapest plan they had was like $30 for 200 mins. I probably wont activate it, but it did surprise me. I have that integrated hands-free would be kind of nice... I dunno. Not really versatile enough to justify.

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The phone in my sc400 has inspired a few laughs from friends as well. The thing is bigger than the phone I have in my house. It may be nice to use the hands free setting though. Has anyone had it removed? If I don't use it, I sure could use the space. Maybe I could hook up my cellphone to the hands free somehow... :whistles:

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I have a car phone in my arm rest. Does anyone else have it, and if so, have you activated it? Its old so I am guessing an analog signal with Verizon would work.

call the company whose name is heatstamped on the phone (SBC...aka southwestern bell is mine)

i have one thats a motorola. if you want, i can give you all the # for suctomer service. i work in the iDEN dept. which is miles away from Analog...but, the CSC (customer service center) can tell you which companies still carry that service.

and FWIW, hit zero to make a call with a credit card #

and you can tap your new phone into the takes a little work.

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