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well i use the link and save it for view new posts from the loc header

but every few days it tells me my search is invalid and i need to do it again

so i have to go back to the forum headers press the new post link and then save it to my favorites again

any idea why?

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Ok - put your techy hat on mate


View New Posts shows you ned posts since you last visited. This is tracked through a unique session ID (its the huge s=489a531c65198924dcdbbf883e90f99 type string in the URL).

what you are bookmarking is the new posts at a snap shot in time.

After a while - this snapsot becomes invalid - hence the message - you have passed the time that the posts an be classed as new.

Can I introduce you to you new best friend?

About 1 inch below the View New Posts link is the Todays Active Posts link.

This shows all the cuurent topics that have been active in the last 24 hours.

This is much better than new posts - this is the link I use all the time to review all the posts.

Add that link to you your favourites - job will be a goodun!


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