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Transmission Problems

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The transmission in my 1993 ES300 has gone bad. When it gets warmed up it stops moving! I tried looking around for one and they seem to be big bucks. Even from a junk yard. Is there an option here or am I stuck looking for a 1992 -1993 trans from the ES300 and Camry?

Any help or suggestions would be great!



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have you dropped the tranny pan taken out eh mesh filter and cleaned it

it may help alot

did with miine

also may be a clogged return line

when is the last tiem you did a fluid change

but yes you are stuck with a 92-93 modle camry or es 300 tranny

not sure if earlier models shared and will work as they where 2.5 L

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Yes the fluid was changed and when the pan was down it was checked. No luck. I can still drive the car untill it gets real heated but hen thats it. Thats why I thought a fluid change and cleaning would have done it, like you said.


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when you say checked what do you mean?

did they ermove it

as the mesh can only be seen through a little hole in the metal cover from the top

and a solvent need to be swished around in there for a while to loosen it

there is a vavle in the tranny that opens up when the tranny warms as to warm the fluid to operting temp

maybe that is giving a problem

also what tranny fluid are you useing

synthetic or regular

when the do a flush do the just loosen the bolt and drain the fluid or fun the engine to hot then remove the cooler lines to feed and drain the old and new fluid

since to get at most the fluid the tranny has to be hot

as that valve will not circulate the fluid through the whole system

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I guess thats what happens when you assume "THEY" checked it and did it right.

I will take the time and do it myself this time. Is there write up somewhere on this or can I find the instructions in a repair book or the Aldata Repair dvd system?

I have to plead ignorance :unsure: because I dont know what was checked and what they used for fluid. What should I use and any help on the procedure would be great!



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