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S-afc Tune


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I know this is a little similar to the a/f ration thread but here is my problem..

I have intake/exhaust/s-afc setup.

the s-afc has yet to be tuned :( . I really dont have the time anytime soon to go get it tuned but this is my problem.

When hitting the gas half throttle I feel as if I have major lag. I hear the exhaust tone and intake tone going real deep but nothing really happens.

For some reason I feel if I go maybe a couple points up or down on the s-afc i can knockout this problem..


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did you only notice the check engine light after the sfac was put in

it might be a bad splice job

or a wrong wire on it

causing a draw instead on a sensor wire to the ecu

with the false reading giving it a lean mixture

if you disconnect the battery what happens

does the light go away and come back right away or after a little bit

after trying that disconnect the sfac and

redo the battery again and see if the light comes on again

i might be more prone to say it is the sfac wiring than an intake or exhaust

just a thought though

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