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New To Club Performing Brain And Heart Transplant

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hi everyone, im new to the club and i ll make this one simple...

i have a 93 es 300 with over 230,000 miles and im planning to autocross it, (yes i have been harrased about the topic by my friends but hey its my car) literaly its been through ish, seroiously, ive taken it through new home developments and cow pastures, trips to LA and back to Modesto, CA every other weekend and ive earned a blown tranny and a monthly bus pass.

as of right now its sitting in my garage on stands, im in the process of throwing a motor/trans from a 95 (1mzfe: same as 94-99 camry, 97-99 avalon, 97-99 sienna, 98-01 solara) in it and mating a trd supercharger to the transplant.

so far, like everyone else, ive been looking for performance parts for my car and didnt come up quite well. im hoping that anyone/everyone that has mods to their motor/suspension can help me out. heres a list of topics that i would like to look into if he/she has any info on, thanks;

suspension: im looking for coilovers for the 92-96 camry/es 300 but so far i can only find eibach springs (i prefer to have adjustable springs cause i dont want to have a drop in ride hight). also my factory rubber bushings, boots and motor mounts have ripped and warped away. ive replaced my steering rack boots, cv axles. ive been looking looking at prothane and energy suspension bushings so i can have better than stock control but came out empty handed. if anyone has a better company to recomend that will be great!

exaust system: so far from what i have been looking at www.jpperformance.com they have some good looking headers and exaust systems built for the solara, (they are dyno proven) but my plans are to buy the headers and collector, split the collector in half, weld separate cats on each and run 2 free flowing exhaust pipes. this is where i run into a california emmisions problem, i know that the 92-93 models dont have the emissions sensor behind the cat(olic convertor) but the newer 94-96 does. in order to be within state legal, i would have to mount 2 separate oxygen sensors, 1 on each pipe. i know i can wire 1 sensor to the harness and computer but how will i hook up sensor nbr 2? would you have a friend that does mufflers and exhast systems for a living?

wheels: this is going to be very simple! haha im planning to aquire 3 sets of stock 92-96 wheels just cause i dont care about bling bling or anything fancy on my car. special note: i hate alteza lights. the reason why i want 3 sets of stock wheels is because i want 1 set to have track/highway tires (bridgstone potenzas). the second set to have all terrain (bf goodrich all terrain) tires so i can take it on the street/snow/off road. and the third set to have dirt tires (falken azenis rs-01d) for rally racing. if anyone has bought rims for their 92-96 es and have no use for his/her stock rims let me know if you dont want them taking up room in your garage.

motor:lets start with something simple first, id like to run a cold air intake in order to compensate for the supercharger and port polish. in order to do that i am forced to relocate my car battery to the trunk (much like how the bmw does) and cut a hole right on top of the wheel well. what im asking is if anyone has made their own cold air intake cause theres no one out on the market that makes a good quality intake for the 94-96 camry/es 300. also i was wondering if anyone has any knowlege in msd ignition products because im planning to get rid of the stock distributorless ignition because the individual coils dont put out a lot of power when it comes to high performance spark plug wires and systems. i just got started into that path and hope that someone on the forum can help

cooling system: to compensate for a high reving motor, trailer towing capacity, and cross country driving. im planning to add coolers to to every fluid system. what i was thinking to do is bolt 2 oil coolers to the rear bumper of the car and cut out ventalation holes in the bumper and run fluid lines from the motor/tranny all the way to the intercoolers (the longer the lines, the more volume of fluid being cooled, but... the more fluid needed). what i am debatiing on is weather i should use regular rubber hoses or go with the steel braided lines and aircraft plumbings, i dont have any knowlege in this field and i was hoping if someone can recomend what brand/type of steel braided lines would be best and cheapest.

in conclusion this little brain and heart transplant is turning into a frankenstien project. besides changing oil this is the first time that im working on a car. i dont expect anyone to have knowledge on what i have requested on but if you have had mods done to you car let me know and maybe i can pick up tips on what you did, how you did it and what product you used, that ll be koO and useful info for me and others.

oh yea my advise to everyone on the forum: dont ever buy parts from lexus and Toyota dealers; 1)unless you are buying body pannels or interior, you can buy the exact same item new for a cheaper price online and most parts you can find at an autoparts store like autozone, kragen, and napa. 2)those guys at the dealership dont know what youre talking about, all they are about is making money off of something you can get cheaper somewhere else. for example, i went to the toyota dealership and asked for a trd supercharger for the solara and how much horsepower it will give. first of all the sales guy said trd doesnt make superchargers for cars but for the trucks only, second the parts guy couldnt even tell me how much power it will give. also, insisted that camry parts dont interchange with the es cause lexus and toyota are totaly different companies. im pretty sure many others agree with me on customer service when they have their car fixed or finding parts for the DIY

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i'[ll start with the last first

oem parts are well worth the pricec aftermarket ones a re usually very inferior

unless it is a ford where anything is better than oem

the charger from trd works for the 97 and up es and camry

the extra coolers are over kill maybe a tranny and oil in the front

but running it to the rear is a loss of pressure being lost

stainless steel braided lines are far superior to rubber lines

and alot of local machine shops can make them to order with ends already premade

the ignition i have no idea about as i haven't looked at an older es ignition system , i only have seen it has wires

unlike my 94 which is distributerlesss with coil packs on top of each plug

the cold air intake can be done

i did it on mine

the problem is the sensor bracket needed to attach the piping as the sensor is square

the space behind the battery can be used to run 3 inch piping also with a little coaxing to open it up some more to fit it

also don;t know of any bushing companies to redo them

unless you are experianced with ureathane and can remodel them

suspension avail

eibach,h and r , and lots of others just look for camry v6

JIC make a real coilover kit that need a little modifying to fit a mcv-10 (92-96)chasiss as it is made for the mcv-20 (97-01)

but they cost around 2000

to change the engine

is a real waste just sell the car and buy one with it already in and rebuild it if anything

the price of the engine and labour would equal one with the motor already in it and working properly

by the way i am not sure where you are getting an idea to autocross the car

it is yours and you can do anything you want with it

but again this is a waste as the frame is not very solid

and would need extreme welding mods to stiffen the chasiss

so once again it is a waste

lots of interesting ideas but the wrong car to do it with

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