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When Does The Lx 470 Changed Its Face?


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hi. i just want to know when does the lexus lx 470 changes its face?

and also how much is the brand new 2003 lx 470 in the dealers?


Rumor is that the 2005 will be the last year of the LX. Toy/Lex corp. has not confirmed this. IMO i do not htink that the LX will go due to the fact that it is one of the best selling Lexus models ever. Anyway i guess we will find out in 05.

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When I bought mine in 1999, the dealer indicated that it was normally a 5 year cycle, so that would point to 2004 right?

He also suggested that Lexus were trying to pressure Toyota (ho ho) to separate the Cruiser and the LX and that they would leave Toyota to make the more "utility" 4R and Seq (though he didn't know the name at the time) and that the Cruiser would be discontinued leaving it solely with Lexus.

Recently, I have heard talk of an LX500...

It does seem to make sense that Toyota would build the cheaper larger "vanny" trucks for folks that want a quality Surburban/Excursion etc... and leave Lexus to the high quality vehicle. Looking at the current market entries, there doesn't appear to be an XL SUV out there in high quality mode, all the Mercs, BMW X5, Range Rover etc. are still pitching at what we used to think of as large whereas the mainstay domestic makes are handling the huge stuff for folks that want carry capacity, or plain ground clearance without the need for high end off road manners.

Though I started in this game by wanting a Land Cruiser many years ago, I wouldn't really shed a tear if the Cruiser/LX relationship was separated, because then at least we might get some peace from those Cruiserheads that are intent on bashing the LX470 because it has no locking front diff.

Price here in North Carolina, USA right now is around $65-68k

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