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Can Anyone Explain Exactly What Ect Is?

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I have a 92 ES 300, and I've tried using the ECT before. I noticed it gives some better acceleration, but how do you guys use it? Do you leave it on all the time, or only turn it on when you're accelerating quickly?

I heard it wastes alot of gas and puts alot more wear and tear on the transmission. Is this true?

What exactly does it do?


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It's Electronically Controlled Transmission - basically a computer controls when the car changes gear. In "Power" mode, the car changes gear at higher revs - which makes you accelerate quicker, but uses more gas.

I generally leave mine in normal, and put it into power if I need to overtake in a hurry.

I have a snow mode on mine too.


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the ECT only tells the transmission to shift at higher rpm's. since the max hp and torque is around the 4400rpm area, the max power isn't in the lower rpm's.

allowing the engine to run into the higher rpm's gives you full power. sure it uses more gas since you're in higher rpm's, but when you're in a hurry. it helps. i usually keep it in normal, unless someone challenges me that i might need some help on, or i'm in a hurry to get to school.

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as already expalined

ect is just a button

it really does nothing

you dont already do

pin the pedal and it will shift higher, with or without the button

try it,same rom shift point ,when throttle is wide open

it is ony for moderate driving where someone might feel the car is under powered,all the time

mine is off

i don't waste my time using it

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agree w/ skperformance. if you shift hard most of the time and accelerate aggresively, your car will start to shift at later points anyway. One interesting thing to note, however, is that before my tranny died on me, it felt like the gears were slipping between shifts (hard to describe). Putting the car on ECT mode was the only way i could prevent this feeling.

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first thanks

for the reinforced point mezoom

especially from such a well known es mod

second the only thing i can think that kept it from slipping by using the ect button

is that the power or torque curve would drop at higher rpms causing less slippage when released

was it a thuding kind of noise?

my work truck does this all the time when put into reverse and i am still on the gas

but it is a 2001 dodge caravan,what should i expect lol

sounds like the valve body and check balls in it where sticking causing the clutch plates to not disengage fast enough, thus slipping before the next gear could be issued by the learing of th valve to the next set of clutches

if that helped to bypass the problem

i really do feel bad for the new owner of that car

but i am sure the dealer is getting stuck with the 30 day warrenty atleast

nice to see you still have time

even with your new scooby

are you going to take the sti version out for a trip yet?( if it is avail yet)

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