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Engine Control Unit ( Ecu )

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Most post that i see about ENGINE CONTROL UNIT ( ECU ) do not even explaine what an E.C.U. is. Therefor the following information may help those of you who do not understand what an E.C.U. and how it works. The information given is in a minimal. Details on an E.C.U. could take hours of typeing... :D

Q. What is an engine control unit ( ECU ) or engine control module

( ECM )?

The fuel injection system of your car or truck is controlled by a small unit called a engine control unit ( ECU ), it is also called many different things by different manufacures, ECM , PCM, FUEL COMPUTER ECT… Transmission Control Units are called TCM’s.

Q. What are the functions of an Engine Control Unit / Engine Control Module?

The engine control unit is connected to several sensors and sending units on the engine and then automatically calculates the optimum amount of fuel to be injected into the combustion chamber. The benefit is smoother and faster acceleration, crisp throttle response, maximum fuel economy thus ensures quick and reliable starting regardless of the ouside temperature.

Q. How to identify Engine Control Unit ( ECU ) failure?

Warning light REMAINING ON at all times

Vehicle breaking down at any time without warning. Breakdown services diagnose loss of ignition spark.

Erratic idle/stall at traffic lights/general poor running and starting problems which can be intermittent.

History of intermittent breakdown - car starts and runs OK but cuts out when hot. But restarts OK when engine begins to cool down.

Intermittent failure to start from cold (but car runs ok once started)

4 wheel steering check/warning light illuminates continuously and 4 wheel steering does not operate

loss of spark on 2 cylinders

ONE injector ceasing to function.

A modern ECU usually contains a 32-bit, 40-MHz processor. It fires the spark plugs, opens and closes the fuel injectors, monitors idle, allows the A/C compressor to run, monitors exhaust, some control alternator output, and turns the cooling fan on and off, depending on the need of your car.

Key Technical Statistics:

Dimensions: 6"x 8"x 2"

weighs less than 3 lbs

Voltage range: 6.5 to 20 volts

Temperature range: Up to 60 degrees Celsius

Main Microprocessor: 32 bit

(2) Timing processors for fuel injection and ignition timing

128kB Flash EPROM program memory

2mB Calibration/logging memory

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