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What Type Of Transmission Fluid To Put In 92 Sc400

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I wanted to change the transmission fluid but no one seems to have the T Type 2 fluid marked on the stick. They say Dexon 3 would be fine. Is that true? The manual says T type 2 as well but I can't find it.

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Type F — Introduced by Ford in 1967 for their automatics. Also used by Toyota.

Type CJ — Special Ford fluid for C6 transmissions. Similar to Dexron II. Must not be used in automatics that require Type F.

Type H — Another limited Ford spec that differs from both Dexron and Type F. Can be replaced with Mercon.

Mercon — Ford fluid introduced in 1987, very similar to Dexron II. OK for all earlier Fords, except those that require Type F.

Mercon V — Ford’s newest type, introduced in 1997 for Ranger, Explorer V6 and Aerostar, and 1998 & up Windstar, Taurus/Sable and Continental. Must not be used in 1997 or earlier Fords.

Dexron — General Motors original ATF for automatics.

Dexron II — Improved GM formula with better viscosity control and additional oxidation inhibitors. Can be used in place of Dexron.

Dexron IIE — GM fluid for electronic transmissions.

Dexron III — Replaces Dexron IIE and adds improved oxidation and corrosion control in GM electronic automatics.

Dexron III/Saturn — A special fluid spec for Saturns.

Chrysler 7176 — For Chrysler FWD transaxles.

Chrysler 7176D (ATF +2) — Adds improved cold temperature flow and oxidation resistance. Introduced in 1997.

Chrysler 7176E (ATF +3) — Adds improved shear stability and uses a higher quality base oil.

Genuine Honda ATF — Special ATF for Honda automatics.

Toyota Type T — Special formula for Toyota All Trac vehicles and some Lexus models.

Do NOT use anything but the specified fluid. Any Lexus dealer should be able to get it and probably has it on hand.

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awesome! I researched the site and found similar threads. The local Toyota dealership carries Type T-IV and its $3 bucks a quart.

When I put it into D, the car shudders...also feel the transmission slipping a bit when slowing down. Would flushing the system help or is drain and fill fine? I have 135K on the car and no prior service history.


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