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Removing Badges

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Hi again guys.. After finding this site, I have become a real chatter box..

Anyways.. As I am a Toyota man, I have hesitated in changing my badges over.... Now, I have seen a few cars here with the gold Lexus Badges on their machines, and I have to say that I am falling madley in love with them.. And would it only be a "little" white lie, if I replaced my Windom with Lexus Badges???

AnyHoo.. How do you actually do it? I mean how do you get the badges off without damaging anything, and how do you put the new ones in? I need to get as much information as possible before attempting.. Same with the amber indicator plastic and cleaning of the lights with the oven.. I am pretty handy with stuff, but like to get a full idea with things first!

Talk soon :ph34r: Chris....

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the badges remove easiest on a hot day as the double sided tape is more plyable

use dental floss and a good wax remover after to remove the last of the glue

there are little plugs behind each emblem

that remove very easily

the only question is what year you you have

as the 92-94 have the es 300 on the rear light on the right side

but the 95-96 have them on the trunk lid

so in order to replace them you would have to change that light

as they are a pain in the !Removed! to take of the light

( i took mine off)

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if you really want to do it right

get the engine cover with the lexus l on it

to help complete the look

also get a lexus drivers airbag from trd and that would complete the change over

and maybe a owners manual from ebay also

then sell the car for 1800 more than it is worth because it is a lexus now not so much like a camry


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it is the *BLEEP*s! Japanese cars more luxury and a bit cheaper than the US....depends on years and models but dang! I lived in Nagoya for about 5 years. My wife is Japanese but she hates cars......WHAT A SIN! I had the Celcior ( LS 400 96) I did the Yakuza style thingy to it! It was sad to sell and move back! I too use dental floss and a blow dryer helps on colder days. I took of the GS300 Lexus and added the Aristo.... I have a turbo and thought about using the V300 but na! Good luck with the change.....If you brake one you can always get another from Lexus or junk yard! :P

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Well I bought my 96 Windom for $1800US Got it for a steel from an old guy that babied it, and he was moving into the latest model....

:ph34r: Chris :ph34r:

wow...$1800 for a 96 es..??? that is alot cheap...

what happen in japan used car market...?? no one want a used car..?

hey i got a question to ask.. what is the level of Windom sitting at the toyota line up..???

i knw it is upscale of camry.. but the windom in japan was priced over the price of CHASER and some model of GS300(basic)....that wat i find in Toyota japan site...

thx.. this question run around me so long.. :blink:

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Hey guys....

Well the way i see it here in Japan.. The Windom to me seems to be placed equal forth behind the Celsior #1, Crown #2, and Aristo #3.. Then Windom = with the Mark II.. As in popularity as I see it...

As to why used cars are cheap here. The question is quite simple.. Stuff is over priced and expencive here. And to have a car fixed, costs alot of money.. So basically the Japanese are scared to even look at a car that has over 50,000kms on the clock, as for worry about the motor blowing up or something along those lines..

Now the other main reasons are as followes.. Japan has what is called Shaken.. Shaken is a compulsary car check every 2 years, and basically a lincece for mechanics to charge $1400Aus for your car to be checked, regardless if your car is in perfect condition.

Also, tax.. There are two kinds of number plates here in Japan. White and Yellow. White is for larger cars over a certain cc range. And Yellow, for a cc range under.. On top of that, the larger the engine size, the higher the tax and insurance....

It is a rort, and I am very happy to say that.. The roads here are ****, and the Japanese are quite happy to be ripped off!.

Anyways, as for the gentleman married to a Japanese woman.. I can feel for you, believe me!.. My wife is not interested in cars also.. But we wont go there!..

:ph34r: Chris :ph34r:

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my wife wasn't into cars at first she also thought it waa a waste of time

so i made a performance buisness

and and now i always ask quiz her on what car that is ( driving beside )

only if it is somehting good

now she wants a 5 series or an is 300

so now i can get another better car and she is all for it

gs 430 here i come or a 540t with the 6 spd

if only i could convince here on standard cars

by the way the price you stated what currency is that and what is it equal to in us dollars?

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The quote was in Australian Dollars.. Roughly for Shaken,100,000 is AU$1400.. = US$914..... Shaken can vary also..

As for your comment about Yakuuza style Celciors.. I love the look of it.. They dont know how to dress(Yakuuza all wear white or silver track suites, with lots of fake jewelry), and they all have funny little mustaches and flat top hair cuts. But their cars always look shmick!

I was looking at a Celcior, and to be honest wanted one.. I dont mind paying extra for the comfort, but my wife put on the Japanese crocodile tears, and so, never got it...

:ph34r: Chris :ph34r:

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Shaken is like a road worthy check every 2 years... Really its a rort in which to make money.. Even a car that is in perfect condition has to get shaken.... I understand that there is a need for road worthyness. But I dont believe it should cost so much? The fact of the matter is this.. Japan is over priced, and over taxed.. Taxes are a fact of life, and I dont mind paying them.. Thats if I am getting something back? The roads here are terrible, and there is a traffic light every 10 feet.. So somebody is getting rich?

:ph34r: Chris :ph34r:

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use neither glue or sealent

there is a 3m double sided tape most body shops have it as it stays stuck and is used to reattach mouldings and the like

usually can buy a small roll and cut little pieces to stick to angles of the emblem

just liek oem

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