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Factory Amps For Lexus'

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I have a 92 ES and I want more power! I was wondering if I was to get an amp from another model and/or year, if it would be better than getting a whoel new and different amp (different brand).

Would an amp from an LS be good?

I have also heard that the whole system is put together so that everything sounds perfect. Does this mean that if I do get a different amp that the system won't sound good?

What is the output to each channel from a stock 92 ES Pioneer amp?

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you are right the pioneer system is tuned to work with each speaker

very well

i first changed my speakers and found a drastic difference in volume level decrease

as the stock ones are very efficient

but not presice

the stock amps are very low on power but are mated to work with the system as a whole

i also replaced the amp and re ran all the speaker wires to my trunk

for the new amp

and got a drasctic improvement in sound

then once i took out the stock head unit finally it got much better

a more cleaner and presice sound reproduction

all changes where done over 6 years with about a year in bettween each stage

getting a more powerful amp would do nothing as the speakers would not be able to handle any more power

since they are rated very low

for a low power amp just to be effiecient

the stock amp i am not sure on output but it isn't worth finding out as it isn't a variable that can be taking into account to add to any other system

to use a new amp but stock deck

there are cheap line level convertors which take speaker outputts and turn them into rca outputs

but i find them to sound awful

i spent a few hundred on some crystal line line level convertors

which where much more cleaner sounding and made the speaker level out put as close to an rca output as possible with the use of more than just a variable resistor

good luck

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no the head cannot work with the stock amp

so it has to be last

leave the system alone and add a box if you want more bass

for clarity the whole systme has to go

remeber everything is tuned for itself

take any part out and it will drop in volume

if you want a system to pound so everyone will look at the car :lol:

just add a bandpass in the trunk and an amp

the cheapest and simplest

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i'd rip the the whole lot out and get shot of it.

i paid £800 for the whole set up (around $1300) and got some nice kit for this

sound is brilliant. The old system was slung in the trash! best place too

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I replaced my stock HU with a pioneer mp3/cd player and it sounds great, the bass kicks alot harder in the front than it did with the stock speakers...sounds almost as good as my old car did with 2 pioneer 10" subs with 400 watt amp pushin.

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