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Similarities Between Camry And Es

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I have heard that some parts of the ES and camry are interchangable. This thought really intrigues me because it is a much cheaper alternative, one that I can probably afford.

Does anyone know the years of Camry that are interchangable for a 92 ES?

Also, does anyone have a list of the parts that are interchangable?

I have heard that the antenna, maybe window motor/regualtor, as well as some others, but I want to e sure before I go out and buy a part. More specifically- the window motor and regualtor, because I may buy one (if it is needed), but I am not sure which to buy



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you may find it easier and quicker if you went to the Toyota parts counter and asked the parts guy if the part you are looking for for the ES is cross-referenced for the Camry (or if the Camry part is cross-reference for the ES). You may find that some parts are the same and may be cheaper from Toyota.

good luck.


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most of the parts are.. i am going from an SV10 chassis (92 - 96)

drive shafts



engine mounts

bodywork will be slightly differnt. But i think the doors are the same.. so the window motor and reg will be the same.

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yes the camry and the es does have interchangable parts! everything in the motor/trans and the electronics are exactly the same. it just depends on what you want to change. since you have the 92 you can only get motor parts from 92-93 as long as you mention the v6 camry. if you want to change your antenna and the motor for the window it is possible with any toyota made car that is manufactured after 92. and if youre talking about the rest of the car, you can infocorporate the 94-96 as well. its best that you open it up and take it apart. most likely the part will bear the toyota or denso brand

what i would recomend is that you have a friend that works at a small car lot or a repair shop to call and ask for the parts so you can get the parts at wholesale price not at cost cause cost can run up to double of what wholesale is. that goes for both lexus and toyota. but if you can talk the talk you can just say that you work for a shop and pick it up for wholesale price like i do, just show up in a work shirt that you can get at any thrift shop for $3 and youre set.

lets say you need new motor mounts cause youre heavy footed and you like to gunn it on the highway. no matter weather you go to toyota or lexus the price is going to be the same for each(close to$100) amazingly i ran into that problem and found mounts for cheaper at my local napa auto parts.

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