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Gold Package Touchup


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need to be more specific

are the fading, pittting, peeling,?

detail shops usually have people who redo and do the emblems on the car but it would need to be cleaned down first to get it back smooth to reattach the gold water

dealer has some


lots of places to look for them but it probably is easy or cheaper to remove and replace with new ones

depending on the problem

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The emblems are in good shape, but naturally "faded" from the sun etc. I'm wondering if its possible to lightly sand the embelms and paint with a gold product. Seems like a much more economical resolution if it is possible to do it yourself.

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hi; i saw your posting regrding the emblems. We specialize in Gold plating. You can se my site at www.goldplater.com. We generaly charge $75.00 to re do a complete set of emblems for a lexsus. are turn around is 24 hr. Pls do not sand any emblems, if done it will be very hard to take scratches of the service. if the emblems are in good shape ; you can expect them to come back looking as good as new or better.

Hope i was of some help.



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