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Some Dumb Questions From Japan Chris!

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Hi guys, still havnt heard back from that shop about the scale models yet..

Anyways, I had a day off today, and was happily being driven around in my wifes Starlet all day.. When we stopped at the grocery store, I noticed what must have been a 1997-01 Toyota Windom sitting in the car park.. Now mine is a 96 model, and so I noticed that the hood on the 97-01 model is a little more angulated and sporty as compared to the 96 model... Also, the front spoiler is different, again with a more sporty look, and fog lights sitting further to the side.. Now the question: Will the hood, and spoiler for the 97-01 fit on a 96???

Let me know what you think!

Chris :ph34r:

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the chasiss code for

92-96 is mcv 10

97-01 is mcv 20

that is about as close as it gets

the parts would need alot of modifying to get them on properly

wouldn't be worth the price of the car

now putting it on a civic is another thing lol

starlet ,real nice car is it the turbo one

i love them small light real fast and a toyota to top it off

almost like a mini supra


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No sorry, its not the turbo one.. But after getting out of my Isuzu Bighorn, I feel like I am hopping into a Go-Cart.. I actually have alot of fun driving it, as it sits very low, and feels like it is going faster than it actually goes.. As we say in Australia.. "It go's like a shower of ****!"

Anyways, my wife drives it mostely and she scares me in it.. If you have ever been to Japan, you would understand that alot of streets have only enough room for one car at times. And there are no footpaths.. So it can be a scary place to drive...Alot of break driving...

Anyways, have enjoyed talking with ya!

Chris :ph34r:

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