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92 Es300 - Couple Of Questions

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Hi, couple of questions:

1. When I make a full turn on my car the wheels are making a clicking noise..is that related to CV Joints?

2. When I am speeding at around 70-80MPH and slightly depress the brake pedal, my steering wheel starts to vibrate and it seems like the front of the car shakes...does the rotor needs to be resurfaced?


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a reman. axle half shaft (comes with two prepacked CV joints) runs $60-100 USD. Labor is about 2 hours.

I just did one this weekend on my friends Olds 98, I know, its not a Lex but it is FWD nonetheless.

Resurfacing rotors means taking them to a brake shop and have them clean up the surface where the pads make contact. It puts and even flat plane to the surface. Eliminates warps for the most part. Alot of places don't do this anymore, it is quicker and sometimes cheaper to just replace the rotor. Rotors are about $40-60 bucks each and all four wheels can be done in about 1 and a 1/2 hours.

The tranny running at 4k rpm and not shifting into OD until 95 sounds like an overdrive problem. May be a torque lock up switch or is the OD switch off. Is the shift lever in the D with the circle or is it just in the D? (I don't know the exact labeling of the shift positions for a pre-02 model). Something is not right.

If your steering wheel shakes when you are NOT stepping on the brake, it may be more balance or alignment related than brakes.


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i checked the rotors are fine !

but there is a clicking sound that comes not from the steering wheel... but when i press on the brake... only when in going slow...

so it should be a cv joint problem... right ? i would think...

and i dont know for you all ... but as was asking before.... 2500-3000 rpm is ok goin 70-80 mph ?

i mean i get good gas milage and all :D

so i guess its all good... LOL

im sleepy

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overdrive is on.....and it's a local mechanic (family friend kind of thing)

and i answered ya neiltyme, but as noted before, i know only a few things. reasoning for the 2500-3000, you are either about to fliip into 4th gear or already in it...after 4th gear in an automatic, you can't go any higher ;) so the rpm's get higher the more stress on the last gear..


my car needs to go to a darn car hospital, he's leaking oil...my friend found a 4" diameter stain on his driveway...OOPS :blushing:

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your leaking oil too buddy ?

yeah i figured all that ... but when im driving my MOM's MINI VAN ! im like barely at 2OOO RPM's...

i mean .. thats wack... maybe cause its a newer engine and all.... but still...


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im thinking about selling Eze ( that's the name i decided on....my camry is Eve.....) in a year and getting a newer jeep cherokee....i just can't keep finding things on this car. i can't take it anymore.

and i accidently set off the alarm today, even though my key doesnt work so i can't set it....had the windows down...reached into the car to unlock it and BAM! alarm goes off...and not at the best time too. i was gettin into the car so i could sit cuz i was gonna faint....


your car just has power, what do you expect outta a lexus? those cars, they just want to please.

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