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Scale Model Kit For Es300 Toyota Windom?

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Hi guys.. Believe it or not. I live in Japan. The capital of plastic scale model kit companies, and I cant seem to find a scale model of a Toyota Windom or Lexus es300?

I was once in a shop and saw a model kit of a Toyota Windom, and at the time didnt think much of it.. But now I have searched everywhere to find one.. The problem is, I can find any model of car, except for the Windom or es300..

If anyone knows of where I can get my hands on this model, or even die cast, I would love to know!

Anyways, I am a new memeber, so hello to all, and I look forward to talking with you all further!

Chris Patterson (Patto) :ph34r: from Japan.... :ph34r:

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hey chris

and welcome


japan the home of all things guys love

well atleast most

i have know ideaa on the kit or model though as i have never seen one or heard of one

just every other lexus has one

i really like the new is 300 models with interchangable parts though it look very nice not rice

in yellow or black

if anyone has seen them

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Thanks guys.. No probs about the model... It has really been bugging me, because I can swear that I saw a model kit for the Windom in a shop here once.. I know I didnt dream it!.. Anyways, I have got that same shop to find out if I actually wasnt dreaming, and see if they could try and order one for me?...

As for the models here. The Windom is probably one of the most driven cars here, after the Celsior, and Crown.. So it amazes me that I can get a model of a 1972 Honda civic or something, and not a Windom or ES? Very strange.... Who would even rive a 72 Civic anymore?

Anyways guys.. Nice talking to you, and hope we get to talk more soon

Chris..... :ph34r:

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Awhile ago I did a pretty thorough search of the internet looking for cast iron or plastic models of Lexus ES's of any year and I came up with zero hits. I received emails from some of biggest sellers and they told me that these model cars were never produced. I guess there wasn't a big enough market. Too bad, I would have bought one and I guess a lot of the guys here would also. B)


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Just got word back from the shop about scale model kits of a Toyota Windom.. It appears that i wasnt dreaming, and actually did see one.. The problem is, that they stopped making them ages ago, and so that was an old box...Kicking myself now.. I just asumed that because it was Japan, and it was a Toyota, then i would see heaps of them.... Silly me!~

Chris :ph34r:

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I have given up in my search to find any Toyota Windom or Lexus ES300 scale model, die-cast or even toy cars to collect.. So I have decided that I will build a scratch model one instead.. I am a bit of a modeler so am going to give it a try.. I will post the pics as soon as I have completed this new project...

It has been a Bee in my bonnet... Believe it or not, it actually annoy's me that you can buy a model of a broke down old stanky 1968 Honda Civic. But not a Windom or ES300? A little upset is me...

HHhhhhhaaaaa.. Deep breath now!....... :whistles:

:ph34r: Chris :ph34r:

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