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Just Got Mine!


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I just got home with my new ride. It was the most badass luck in the world that I managed to find it. Id been searching auto trader for months for a 92-95 SC300 5-spd. I wanted silver but that was only offered on the '95 so I had kinda given up on that. I was literally hours away from buying a plane ticket to fly to South Carolina to go check out and hopefully buy this white '93 model with 97k. I checked autotrader one last time and.........THERE WAS A SILVER '95 (with a 139,254 miles) LITERALLY 2 MILES FROM WHERE I WAS WORKING IN DALLAS. I drove over and checked it out and it seemed to be in great shape. I paid $150 the next day to have it thoroughly checked out and the mechanic was amazed at the condition of the car. I put down a deposit an hour later and bought it Friday!


Sorry for all the extra info but I guess you could say im a little excited.

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