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95 Speakers

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the speaker is a 6x9 size

you need to remove the back seats

upper ( 2 bolts at the bottom then pushes up)


lower( it pops up in 3 places)

then take the 3rd brake light out it need to pull forward

( toward the front of the car)

remove the rear side upper panels to get the parcel shelf out

then just a few screw to release the speaker and connections

if replacing one replace them both

cheapest is to get an aftermarket pair

it is a waste of time to replace just one

and splice the wiring to new connectors


average time is about

2.5 hours to remove and replace

not much tools though a basic socket set

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the amp is under thepassenger front seat

if you are going that route

rewire all the speakers to the trunk and put the amp in there

also speaker are too personal of a choice

even in the same car

listen to some on the audio borads at electronics stores to see what you like then decide i can tell you what i like and have but you probably wouldn't like it or want to spend it

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yah that is the amp

just a thought but legacy products are junk

just as there lower company pyramid

all the same components just diferent case

and as for the 2000 watts

it is more like 200 watts it is just full of distortion

the subs are not bad though



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