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My rx450h 2010 key for doesn’t open and lock the doors always. I took it to dealership and they did took off the battery terminals off for some minutes and put it back. And recommended that I should replace the remote if problem persist. Few days after the problem started all over again and I got after market keyfob and contacted locksmith technician close to me and he drove down to my house but couldn’t program the key cause the machine can’t communicate with the car. Have anyone here have a solution for me?

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Last year, I hired an auto-locksmith to program a fob. The difference is that They supplied the fob and then did the programming. The only downside is that the fob they had did not have a trunk release button. Other than that, the fob worked perfectly. 
When you hire a locksmith, it is always good to first ask if they've done work with your generation vehicle. Don't accept, "Well we've never done this with that particular model, but it shouldn't be a problem."

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