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I previously owned a 95 ES300 which was very easy for me to wash, I purchased a 200 RX300 in August and my husband washed it the first two times. I decided to wash it yesterday and was amazed at the amount of time it took me. It is so much bigger than the ES and getting to the roof proved frustrating for me. I don't have the arm reach to even reach across the windshield easily, I have to get a small step ladder. I'm not short either! Just thought someone might have some advice to make it easier, standing on the step ladder concerns me because I don't want it to fall into the car and dent it.

I've read where members have said that those brushes you see sold should not ever be used on your Lexus or any other car because they can scratch your paint. Please Help with some ideas, I would appreciate it.

Thank you :cries:

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Good for you for taking the time to was your truck. My wife takes no interest in cleaning our vehicles.

You should stay away from brushes... Use sheep wool mit.

As for the top, you can use a plastic stool made by rubbermaid or other. It should give you just enough hieght to reach the top and still be stable and low so as not to scratch the truck.

Good thing it's not an lx470 :-)


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~One man’s opinion / observations~

I’m in agreement on the ‘never use a brush on vehicle paint’ with one exception-

When it’s made from boar’s hair-

Groit’s Boar’s Hair Flow-Through Brush & Handle (PN 10220 approx $80)

For your Christmas ‘wish-list’ a Plateau Platform 18” height x 12” wide x 40” long, will support up to 330Lbs and weights 16.5 lbs (PN 91544 approx 110) same company.

My girlfriend is 5’-1 and weights 105lbs so this was (one of) her Christmas presents last year

~Hope this helps~

Knowledge unshared is experience wasted

justadumbarchitect / so I question everything/ Jon

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