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Keyless Entry On 92 Es 300

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Is there anyway to have Lexus or any mechanic set it up so that it beeps and/or flashes the lights when using keyless lock/unlock? I can't always tell if the doors have locked without looking inside the car, especially at night.

I know I could get a security system installed, but I like the button on the key, and I don't want to change the system. Is there anyway to have it set up on a 1992 so that it beeps/honks or flashes the lights?


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i'm not sure if that's really possible, since i'm not sure what the signal relays through. if there's an additional module, and the signal relays through the box, then maybe it can make a beeping sound, but your best bet would be to go aftermarket if you're really that desperate. or wire a blue led light to the top of the windshield behind the rear view mirror that is linked to the red light beside the steering column for security.

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The 93 es300 does have a switch next to the remote mirror controls. However, this does not control sounds. An easy way to get lights go on and off would be to splice the wire to the red light (on the dash) to the flasher.....

An even easier way - get a aftermarket add-on that will do this for you.


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sk... ther's a switch... it just turns the remote entry button capability on and off, but there's no sound.

actually... 92lexus, if you spliced it from the red security wire, that means your lights would be flashing all the time. if you've seen the security light, it stays solid for about 20 seconds or somethin (never timed) and then it starts flashing. this would be really obvious at night, since your turn signals would be flashing repeatedly.

just fyi

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