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Changing Spark Plugs - 95' Gs300

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:) I have a 95' GS300. I recently tried to change the spark plugs. Unlike my last vehicle the 6 plugs were quite hard to find. I was able to locate 4 of the six plugs by removing two plactic plates located at the front and back center of the block with an alan wrench . The other two (maybe between the 4) looks impossible to get to unless I remove many of the connectors and metal component of the engine which I am scared to. Any comments for the folks who has done this maintenece themselves??

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I just did the tune-up on my '95 GS300 last weekend. As far as the plugs go, it was a real pain in the neck. All six plugs are lined up, and as you suspected the other two that you can't see are under the intake manifold. You will have to remove the intake manifold to get to those two. I don't know your comfort level when it comes to this type of maintenance, but you can do this yourself if you're very careful. First, remove the air intake hose leading to the manifold. Also, make sure you label all your hoses and be careful when removing wiring harnesses. There are two main bolts on the top of the manifold and four nuts underneath (if memory serves). You will also have to release the accelerator cable and remove the electronic choke (the choke has to be reset in the same position as before when reinstalling). At that point you should be able to slide the manifold back far enough to get to the plugs. Be careful not to damage the gasket ( I reused mine, but I'm not sure what the protocol is). Also, I used a small grabber arm to remove each plug once they were loosened all the way (it looks like the thing jewels use to grab diamonds only longer). You'll need a tool like that as the plugs are quite a ways down. Plus it makes it much easier to reinstall the new ones. Finally, be carefull not to cross the thread, that would be very bad. Tighten with even pressure on all plugs. You may want to do the wires while you're in there and the cap and rotor of course. Hope that helps.


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