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Power Window Wiring Schematic

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Hi, my lexus es300's power windows do not work. When I got the car the seller or someone else apparently installed a bigger fuse than what it's suppose to be. So a lexus mechanic told me that the wring for the PW and PL are burnt inside the dash. They are looking for $1500 for repair, most of it is labor.

Is there a way, I can make this into a weekend deal and change out the wiring myself by following the schematic or is it tricky? Plus is there a place where I can get the schematic from? THanks

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Yeah, I am having the same problem, my driver side front power window has stopped working. The motor was going rel slow, and then stop working totally.

I have a 1992, and I really want to do everything myself, including buying and replacing the motor, or whatever needs to be fixed. Someone said it might be the hands on the motor, but I think I will just replace the whole motor.

So far, I know the screw for the door in in the handle on the door, but I do not know of any other screws or how to take the door off.

I took the door panels off my 90 Mercury Cougar, but I am sure a Lexus will be much more complicated.

It is getting annoying for me to have to open my door or use the driver side rear window for drive throughs...

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92es i think your problem is with the window switch itself not the motor

it goes one way fine but was slow the other way

it is easy to ope the door one screw is under the little felt patch for closing the door

one more under the tweeter halfway in the doorhas a plastic cover

the rest are plastic clips and plugs to be pulled out

the switch itself has very small plastic pins that break i did this in 2 of my windows

don't go down easy but up is fine

3 ways to fix

buy a new master switch set 250

fix the broken internals of the switch

of get a donor one and relace parts

this includes using one of the rear door ones as you will still be able to open there window just they wont

tell them the safety is on

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well i can't say for sure if there is a problem with the motor

but take the switch out open it up and look at the under side of the switch it has 2 plastic pieces that stick into the switch

see if that is what is broken

it is free to look and easy to put back to gethr

in my opinion

only a little spring and maybe a balll for the most trouble

takes about 30 minutes to get it out of the door and opened up

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i'm putting money on that it is the motor.

The switch is ON or OFF. Current to the motor or no current to the motor. Not slow current to the motor so the motor runs slow. If the motor moves at all, then current is passing thought the switch, so the switch contacts must be making contact. I say the brushes in the electical motor are worn out so good contact cannot be, thus limiting the motion of the window due to poor performance of the motor under load conditions.

I'm going on past experience with window motors, current experience with electical motors (not just window) and gut instict.

just my $0.02


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that is exactly what i thought stevie

as all things being equal and common knowledge

it mad eno sense at all

until i started playing with the switch and pushing it lightly

then when i opend mine up i saw the pin broke but occasionally would fall into the perfect position

so when pressed it activeted the switch

but do the easy thing and trace the wiring give the motor direct power and see

or just open the switch at the same time


mine was easier to trace as the rear driver one wasn;t working on the master but worked fine from that door

the drivers one only has one switch

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