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Got Used Rx300


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I just got a deal on a 2001 RX300 with 10 000km

looks brand new, except for scratches in the front bumper

probably need touch up paint on that and wax...

Just a few questions about the car.

It needs 91 octance gas right? y does the manual say 87?

Also, the AWD system works as 50/50 normally? or is it part time?

Does it use synthetic oil or just regular oil? I heard some new luxury cars uses them right from factory.



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It does sound like a good deal! Good for you. I also got a good deal last week-end on a '99 with 62000Km.

I asked the service mgr here at the local Lexus and he said that it can take octane 87 but it needs octane 91 to achieve performance/economy/clean burn.

As far as I know, the AWD is 50/50 front/rear until one end slips (that's the way the viscous limited slip differential works). Also, some models ('99-'00) had a Torsen limited slip rear differential (left/right) which is a non-viscous LS diff (same kind as Quatro and Miata). Viscous LS diff requires slippage to generate heat in order to lock the differential, therefore eventually wears down and needs fluid change. Torsen is mechanical, very quick reaction time and (almost) does not require maintenance.

I have used synthetic oil in all my cars over the last 15 years and I will do a oil change this week-end and put in Mobil1 5w-30. I could not see any sludge in the oil filler opening but there is a bit of rust on the inside of the cap. Again, the service mgr told me to keep all records for the oil change that I do myself.

Please anyone, correct me if I am wrong. I am a new with this vehicle and will get the repair manuals some time next week.

Hope this helps, Good luck


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you both sound pretty on track with all info

don't use lower gas

it works much better on premium

or it will have to !Removed! the timing and slow it down

also you both got deals so why no put the money into keeping the car in perfect order

the engine is the same one in the

camry and es 300 94 and up

that is in the rx and highlander

the only changes over the years are the vvt and vvt-i

good luck welcome to the club

and add you location info in your my controls

i am intersted to see where the other km person is

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Since this car only has 10 k on it

all the services after this will cost money.

I was thinking of changing my own oil, but haven't really looked at where the oil filter is at.

With the viscous slip system, is there any fluid that we have to change?

I was looking at the service guide and it says i have to replace the differential fulid every 24 months/32 000km. Considering that this car already is 2 years old. Would i need to get this changed? Or i can wait longer than that since it has not been driven too much yet.

The car just went for its last free service which they changed the oil, but they did not say if they put in synthetic or not.

How would i know if i have the Torsen limited slip rear differential?

Does this mean that if we only have viscous that, the power can only direct either front or back, not right or left?

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