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Replacing The Timing Belt


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Im buying a '95 SC300 tomorrow and it needs an immediate timing belt change. Im planning on taking it to my local mechanic to be safe because I just dont feel confident doing it myself. The books list it as a 3.1 hr job so my mechanic will do it for less than $200. My question is what else should I have them do while they are in there? Ive heard you are supposed to do the water pump, but what else? and how will this affect the cost of the job? My mechanic is fair and honest so assuming good prices what is the whole job done right likely to cost?

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May as well do a complete tune up. Change all fluids, rotate tires if stock, change plugs, distributor cap and button, air filter, all belts, coolant flush, oil, transmission, and differential inspection. Check your bushings and suspension items out as they are probably getting to their age. These can go by for now but will need attention eventually depending on model year and mileage. I will change mine out - probably not until next summer though.

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