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In-car Phone

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they are probably analog, but that still works.

I would assume you could get it going. Contact Lexus or the maker of the phone, ie: Nokia or whomever makes it. You may have to bring it (the car) to the phone store.

Does it get power, light up, etc?


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Analog service is also very expensive, plus now that carriers aren't required to also provide analog coverage, the coverage area shrinks monthly.

In my opinion its not worth it.

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i dont think it should be too had to buy a new in car kit for your car and mobile phone that you currently have

the main things you would be using still is the mounting location

the speaker run throguh the audio system right door speaker and the mic

plus the buttons on the steering wheel should not be too hard or expensive

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In New Zealand we still have an analogue network ( as well as GSM digital) I have recently acquired an ES 300 with the fitted car phone & find its great. I have set it up as a prepay system. My main mobile is a digital but when I'm in the car I simple divert all incoming calls to the car phone and make full use of the hands free system & steering wheel controls to receive calls. Costs me nothing extra. I I wish to make a call i simply use my hand held digital ( after pulling over - usually). It works a treat. Great range as the car mounted has a booster amp for much better coverage.

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