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Silent Keyless Entry

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Ya Gav,

Its REALLY easy to make the sound (at least on my 97 es). Under the Drivers steering wheel, there is a round knob, it turns clockwise and counterclockwise, that is what makes the BEEP louder or softer. You might need a flash light to find it. but its under there (under the wheel but above the peddels). Just to make sure, check in your owners manual, it should have a section on keyless entry beeper :D thats where i found out about mine :)


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gav, you need to get an owners manual for your car.

They are only about $20 from the dealer or ebay.

Look on ebay too. you might be able to catch one that has the leather pouch and supplemental manual too.

Alot of basic answers are in there and it will help in the resale if you ever plan to do that.


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actually this would also depend on the year of the ES.

the '92 and '93 ES's didn't have sound. mine being a '93, i have no sound when i press the button.

but from '94 onwards, there should be sound and it's either controlled by the knob under the steering column as described by prozac, or the left side of the steering column for the first gen model.

hope this helps.

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