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Chrome Lexus Gs Series Emblems

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hey everybody!

I just bought a 94 GS 300, its green with like a creamy white interior, but the hood and back emblems are gold. I want some chrome/silver emblems to go with the chrome 20's im going to stuff on it,, anyone know where i can get these or have any suggestions?

whenever i search on the net i get 1000 pages that are all selling gold emblems!!! what about chrome!? maybe an OEM site?!?!

thanks again and i look forward to your replies!

- Pimp Daddy S :cheers:

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Its actually pretty easy to find these emblems on ebay, just do a search for "lexus chrome" or "lexus emblems" or "lexus badges".

You can also get them online from www.lexus-parts.com

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i checked on lexus-parts.com but couldnt find them on the site, only the gold ones. i also checked ebay but could only find 1 chrome hood badge,, have you guys seen a kit anywhere that comes with chrome hood and back badges plus the chrome GS 300 badge?!?!

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Someone posted a link to a website that has a lot of accessories that the forum orders from. But I can't find it. You could probably could find it there. I'm looking for some accessories too for a 1999 GS 400.....Can someone direct us to that site? The site was described as the site that all of the lexus owners club uses. Please advise.

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