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Thinking About A Purchase


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I'm currently speaking with a private seller about a 98' LX470 with 62,800

miles. The owner is asking $25,000 but indicated it is negotiable so I might give him a starting offer of $22,500 which is the True Market Value for a trade in,

$25,500 is the value for a private seller.

I asked him has he had an exhaust manifold leak problem which

he indicated he knew nothing about it? Possibly because it didn't have one but

I'd like to try and ensure any existing problems come to light, any ideas?

I would like to obtain an extended warranty from 1SourceAutoWarranty because

while the owner indiactes the vehicle has been fully serviced by lexus which is

verifiable I would like some insurance in the event a problem occurs.

Has anyone dealt with 1SourceAuto... ? Is it like pulling teeth to get them to

pay for a repair?

Any info or recommendations provided would be appreciated.

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I just purchased an extended warranty from 1SourceAutoWarranty.com and in fact just got off with the phone with them a few minutes ago because I'm looking to buy a second warranty for my wife's Toyota Sienna. I bought mine earlier this month for the 2002 LX470 I bought with 54,000 miles. I got the Diamond package which is bumper to bumper coverage up to 100,000 miles with a $0 deductable. I paid $1,889 and feel like it's a good deal. I did a lot of research and comparison and feel these guys are the best. They're insured and reinsured so I feel pretty safe with them. They gave me the best price around and even cover the GPS navigation unit which is the only warranty company that does. I haven't had any experience with claims yet (knock on wood) but it seems like with their background it shouldn't be a problem. These guys were also the only ones that didn't give me a high pressure sales pitch. The guy I dealt with was pretty good. His name is Robert Frye and his number is (877) 663-7148. I'm not a salesman or affiliated with these guys in any way except as customer like you, so please don't think I'm trying to sell you, but they're certainly worth considering. If you do call, tell him Victor from Seattle Washington sent you. Good luck on whatever you end up with. :)


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I bought a 1998 lx470 in the DFW area in June. It had 84K miles and in great condition (so far). I paid $21,000 and the truck was inspected by a mech. Plz insure the 60K service was completed and the tires are in good shape. Both of these are pricey, so you can use it to low the price.

Good Luck, you will love the truck


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A lot of warranty/insurance type companies are great to deal with when they are taking your money, but are a different story when it's time to file a claim. It's worth checking around some more to see how they perform on that end of the deal. I had an extended warranty on my previous vehicle and they didn't hassle me when it came time to file a claim (which was a little less than the cost of the policy), but it was a different outfit and I don't recall their name.

Good luck.


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Shelly makes good point. I picked up a 2000 w/58K miles for $32K last December. I had the 60K mile service ($1,200) and just put 4 new michilin tires on ($600 from tire rack). I also opted to get an extended warranty from my lexus dealer ($2,200) for 3 years/36K $0 deductible. I took it in for a number of annoyances (that I was living with) about 4 weeks later and it came out with over $1,400 in repairs (passenger side manifold gasket, power antenna, lumbar support unit, cruise control switch and almost 2 weeks in the shop) that didn't cost me a cent. The peace of mind is worth it. Earlier in the year lexus comped me on replacing the mirrors ($1,200) as the passenger side would not return to it's possition. My service guy Scott called Lexus for me and asked them about it since it was just past it's 4 year mark (this was in February). I didn't even buy it from the dealer and they treat me like a king. At this point the warranty has paid for itself. If you replace tires and get them at tire rack have them delivered to the dealer or a service place near you fromthe drop down list (the tires are big!). While my truck was in for the service I ordered the tires and had them install them, I just tossed them in the loaner truck and dropped them off..

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