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Keyless Entry ... Alternatives?


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Hey all,

Posted a few weeks ago that I was about to get a '90 LS400. Turned out to be a bad car, and I just yesterday bought a '92 LS400. I'm thrilled with the car. Already made the detailing appointment, am getting the bumper painted, dents removed etc. :-)

I replaced the battery in the key but still nothing happens when I press the little button. I read on this forum that new keys are really expensive, so I was wondering if any of you have put in an aftermarket keyless entry system? Can you recommend a brand? Is it hard to install yourself?

Thanks for any advice!


(proud new LS400 owner)

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no i doubt you will get all the parts off of ebay and then get a key as well

you will have to go to lexus to get a new pair of keys and ecu chip for the alarm brain

no other way to do this ....period

you could forget about the whole oem alram and put an aftermarket one with a remote start instead for comparable money though

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Hi drool400!! :)

First off - welcome to the 'family'. Congratulations on your 'new' 92!!

I know that on MY LS - a '93 - there is a switch on the dashboard that can turn on or off the keyless remote. Does your car have that switch? It is on the lower left side of the dashboard just to the right of the power mirror controls.

It's a long shot - but I thought I better mention it - just in case. [and before you go out and buy some other remote thing]

Craig!! :)

ps tell us more about your 'new' car?! What colour is it? How many miles? [and so on]

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if your key doesnt have chip it will be oly 75$ to get a pair of them from the dealer. locksmith should be even cheaper. but youi defiently should think about the aftermnarket alarm as srk said. consider getting a 2way alarm its a great way to protect your investment. check this out www.compustar.org

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